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Rewind for 3/28/15


Last Updated 3/21/2015

Are ANYONE's Brackets NOT broken?

Welcome to Spring  in the Philly Area - Taken 3/20 and 3/21 in West Chester


Click here to see/hear the #1 Song the day you were born?

and still  -  For those of you who can't remember your password:

For the last few years more and more of us have been learning new things - Social Security, Medicare, using pill counters, etc.  And for about half of our class whose birth date is before 6/30/1945 ** there is a very important thing to NOT forget - Your RMD. If you are still working, ONLY your current employer's 401K is not impacted, ...Otherwise, any IRAs, converted  401Ks, etc, you MUST take out your annual Required Minimum Distribution before 12/31/2015 - how much?   Click here to calculate the amount  There are other calculators available too.  But, what if you miss the 12/31/15 date?  That's easy - but painful: your penalty is 50% of what you were required to, but neglected to take out. No typo - FIVE ZERO percent.  And especially if there is a significant amount that you have not yet started, your taxes for 2015 will likely be significantly higher, as more of your Social Security is also likely to be taxed, plus all the amount of your RMD during the year. I believe this is true whether or not you are still working. Roth IRAs are not affected. And if you are fortunate enough to NOT have started taking your Social Security, congratulations! You have increased your payout significantly - but like your 401K and IRA, you must begin to take your Social Security during the year you turn 70 1/2  I am NOT a financial planner, so call yours - - but like all of us, learning new things all the time and wanted to share to all that will read this.  This was important enough to post, IMO, as well as on our Message Forum.  If there are any errors, please click on CONTACT US at the top of the page, It will be corrected.

** If your birthdate is after that date, then you'll have the same requirement in 2016


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- Who pulled the door off its hinges in Mr. Metka's  Class - I never heard about this till I read the profiles and School Stories - there are some other really great ones out there !

 How many of us ever said this:   "Left HHS in June 1963 vowing never to return ... and, except for the 31 years I worked there as a school counselor, I never did. "



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