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Updated Sunday 12 April 2014

Welcome to the Haverford High Class Of 1963 web site. Reload or Refresh your browser to make sure you have the latest version of the website.  

Sorry for another update so quickly, but this is important

Hopefully everyone is in Spring Mode, and just when everyone is feeling good - the Internet HAS BEEN COMPROMISED - REALLY!  I know we all get "junk" mail sayingthis that turn out to be hoaxes from many years ago, being recirculated - but this time IT IS REAL.  It's on all the news services today - Bottom line - change your passwords.

What about the websites that YOU visit - including this one.   Ours is OK. And you can check any site you want by clicking here:  Go Ahead - look up and your favorites.  And also in that link is information as to how you can update the Windows web browsers you use, IE Firefox Google Safari and others.





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Our classmates alone have seen this page  27511 times

How many times have you visited it?  Who commented the following in their own comments?

- Who pulled the door off its hinges in Mr. Metka's  Class - I never heard about this till I read the profiles and School Stories - there are some other really great ones out there !

 How many of us ever said this:   "Left HHS in June 1963 vowing never to return ... and, except for the 31 years I worked there as a school counselor, I never did. "



Have uploaded 63 photos, some old photos, videos and more coming - check the links to your left and above.  Some of our mates from Class of 62 remember some times from Havertown - Check the Message Forum on left.  How many do you remember?  Please - add your own.: