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Updated 10 Jan  2021 

Our classmates alone have seen this page  115,785 times

We've just been notified by our personal doctor that we can now sign up for direct notification of vaccine interest, and I assume shortly when supplies are available, this will include appointments for COVID vaccine as we are 75+ and qualify if not otherwise.  Other counties and other states if they don't have a signup list now, will certainly shortly.  Per the Chester County PA site: "... 1B groups and individuals should complete the Vaccine Interest Survey to express your interest in the vaccination and receive notifications when appointments are available..."

 We hope that all of  our classmates and their families continue to remain healthy and safe during this Entire New Year 2021 and take all the precautions needed to remain that way

The Note below was sent by HHS62 but will also be seen by HHS 58 59 60 and 62-65

We are all receiving requests to contribute to various charitable organizations at this time
of the year. Here is one more, but a very important one that will give you great satisfaction
knowing that it will help students currently graduating from our Alma Mater. Many of you
have contributed to the Juenger Fund in the past, and the Class of 1962 made contributions from
the surplus money following the 50th and 55th Reunions.  The Juenger Fund was established in
2001 in memory of Stephen M. Juenger, coach, teacher, and role model to Haverford students for
55 years!
 HHS 62's own Tom Juenger, Al Kaemmerlen (HHS58 and Captain of HHS State
Championship team in 1958), and a number of graduates and admirers of Coach Juenger created
the Fund. Since 2001, scholarships totaling $153,250 have been awarded to graduating seniors.
Four $5000 scholarships were granted this past spring, two for athletics and two for service and
citizenship.  Please consider sending a contribution so that today's HHS grads have the same
opportunities we enjoyed back in 1963.  Donations should be made out to the Philadelphia
and mailed to the Philadelphia Foundation (designated in the check memo for the
Juenger Fund) at PO Box 826728, Philadelphia, PA 19182.  Questions can be sent to Tom
Juenger at or Bill King (webmaster) HHS62 at . Thank you.

Future Zoom meetings scheduled, Having consulted with a few classmates, have decided to have HHS63 Meetings regularly on the 6th of each month at 3 PM Eastern Time. Details in Zoom Meeting link near top on left

Hope you can stop by if only to say hi - 

Thank you Diane Antonelli Herr - Click here to Enjoy some fun music and photos

Reminder Next ZOOM Class meeting Wednesday Jan 6th  3 PM Eastern Time See Zoom link on left for direct link and prior recordings

We've had several requests from folks NOT in our class about this song and memories - about Havertown. Enjoy ! and  Growing Up in Havertown Page on FB


We know that we all still feel 30 years younger, but the reality is that we are in that 'hotspot' of citizens that are more apt to get the Covid-19 virus than they seem to indicate.  And we are sure that all classmates are working to stay safe.

I know the website is very crowded, and it could be simpler, but like us, we are used to it, so we're not going to change locations of the links on the left sides.  Stay Safe everyone !!


11/6/20 Our own Dr Romane provided the following for COVID tracking & case counts and it is updated daily !

The best data site I've found is below. It's updated daily, CDC approved their methods, and Johns Hopkins uses their data.


Hover over "Our Data" at top --> click "Our Charts" --> click "U.S. Overall" --> click "U.S. currently hospitalized"

Hope that helps; you likely won't need more than Larry's references, but if you want:

CDC CoronaVirus Link

Mayo Clinic  

Delaware County  Chester County  Montgomery County

Insert your own zip code for local info 




Additionally with many thanks to Bob Schaumann for his very significant efforts for our class being finally able to contribute a physical presence that will remain in the hallowed halls of Haverford High School for many years to come.Our class has contributed and shipped to the school a very tasteful wooden bench with a  plaque noting that it from our class - that of 1963, for those of us that often have memory problems.   near the Principal's office;                                        

We have checked to see (assuming we are back to a regular life) about celebrating a lunch of 63 turns 76, (similar to our 25th HS reunion in our 26th year) and there are presently many dates available in Spring 2021 timeframe. We shall address it again, as the future becomes more visible to us all.

May all of us and our families and friends be safe and remain healthy for the remainder of 2020, this upcoming election and for many years to come. 





Our classmates alone have seen this page  115,785 times

How many times have you visited it?  Who commented the following in their own comments?

- Who pulled the door off its hinges in Mr. Metka's  Class - I never heard about this till I read the profiles and School Stories - there are some other really great ones out there !

 How many of us ever said this:   "Left HHS in June 1963 vowing never to return ... and, except for the 31 years I worked there as a school counselor, I never did. "



Please add your own photos, comments, thoughts.: