Post 50th Reunion Survey

Take just a few minutes to let us know about the 50th Reunion, your experience and any future gatherings.  Feel free to comment beyond those questions asked.  
                              Thank you again ... Your Reunion Committee

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1)   * Did you attend our 50th Reunion?

Yes No
2)   If you didn't attend, was that due to a conflict or some reason that otherwise you would have been there?

Yes or No and any further explanation if you wish
3)   Friday Nite Meet & Greet - Your thoughts

4)   Dinner Saturday - Your thoughts

5)   Next Gathering ?

  Class of 63 Turns 70
  Another in 5 years or more
  Combine gathering (except 1st choice) with another Class
  Philadelphia River Cruise
  Daytime Activity
  Overnite Cruise 3-5 days
  Regional Gatherings

There is not one correct choice - just looking for your interests
6)   Overall Comments - And please put any comments for all to read in the Message Forum so all can share

Please add your photos to the galleries or write for assistance to add them.
7)   Over 100 classmates were automatically notified by the web site, when the photos were available because they used the NOTIFY ME link for themselves, to let them be notified when certain things on the website had changed. Were you notified that way? If not please check out the NOTIFY ME link on left side and customize it for your own interests

Let us know and If not please check the NOTIFY ME link on left side