55th Reunion Survey - again

If you have already answered the Survey, and replied, no need to reply again.  You can tell, if you see "View Survey Results" then you've already taken the survey.  This is only meant for those that didn't reply - Hey we all do it..."Did I take that survey" "Did I already reply"  "I can't remember if I did or not"  YOU ARE NOT ALONE !

Please respond to the questions below and submit as soon as possible. This will greatly help the committee in planning another outstanding event! At this time, we are anticipating a Friday evening Pub Crawl, a host of NEW activity options for Saturday morning (more to follow!), etc. Okay, please help your Reunion Committee plan ahead. Your prompt submission helps ! And There will be room for comments at the end. And after submission, you can see the results from everyone.

and don't forget to hit the SUBMIT (or similar button at the very end), or it won't be registered and totaled for you to see the results


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1)   * Your Name

2)   Preferred email to use to communicate directly with you

Please make sure there are no typos - we all do them ;)
3)   * We are considering 3 possible weekends. Please be flexible. If more than one works for you, check any that work for you

  September 14-16 2018
  September 21-23, 2018
  September 28-30, 2018
  None of them will possibly work for me
4)   * Total number that may attend, including classmate, spouse,significant other

5)   * In past years, we have always had an evening dinner event. From your suggestions, we want to spend time visiting. For this reason, we will NOT have music and dancing - during dinner. Some class members may have difficulty driving at night and we wish to be sensitive to this. Please let us know your preference for our MAIN event:

  Dinner Event (Saturday evening)
  Lunch Event (Saturday afternoon)
  It makes no difference – either is fine

the MAIN event
6)   * Do you wish to play golf on Saturday morning?

Yes No
7)   * Will you need hotel reservations at the site of our Reunion in the same Local Philly area ?

Yes No
8)   Hotel Nights for:

9)   * Would you like to invite local members of the Classes of HHS62 and/or HHS64 to the proposed Pub Crawl on Friday?

Yes No
10)   * Were we to have a dinner as the main event, do you want music for dancing AFTER the dinner (but not during dinner)?

Yes No
11)   Please provide any additional comments or suggestions