Missing Classmates

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Last updated  10 August 2013 - If you're registered or deceased, you are not missing.  If we have neither a valid email, address or phone number we have noted you missing - additionally the following folks had valid email as of our last reunion, but recent emails to their addresses failed - could have moved, retired - we don't know. We have also tried other "common" providers if they just switched providers with the same email.  Here are results:



Name Bad Email that formerly was good Also tried same email on other providers: - the emails that did not bounce may be theirs or someone else's valid email
Lois Bump (Rutigliano)  iggit@aol.com  
Alexis Burnisky (Wilson)   starbrighttoad@aol.com  Alexis - Please reply to (valid) email or voicemails and Register !!
Joanne Cameron (Burnham)  joanneburnham@bellsouth.net verizon,att bounced Comcast did not
Thomas Coulter ures@verizon.net att bounced; comcast did not
John Cover jlcover@msn.com verizon,att bounced; comcast did not
Frank Curtin  frank.curtin@bovislendlease.com  verizon, comcast, bounced; att did not
Harry Davis  harry.davis@sos.state.ia.us  Found !!
Fred Emdur carpetman9376@adelphia.net Comcast OK Fred Replied
Barry Goldstein stoleyg@comcast.net verizon, att bounced
Nancy Kinsley (Dorey) nanci-d@comcast.net   
Jerry Martin  jerryemartin@comcast.net verizon, att also bounced
Herbert Merkle  baseball1980@comcast.net  verizon, att also bounced
Jim Metcalf  jmetcalf@polestar.com  verizon,att bounced;comcast, did not
Janet Sadler  fairfieldltd@cs.com   
Gerald Wallerstein  gerald.wallerstein@phila.gov verizon,  comcast att bounced; 
Joan Watkins (Nickel)  j.nickel@att.net  Found! Thanks to whoever found Joan
Elisabeth "Bonnie" Kerr Kerre@EHT.K12.nj.us verizon, att bounced  comcast did not
Richard Brown rbgolfandfish@yahoo.com verizon, comcast, att all bounced


In August 2012, we sent a US Mailing to 182 classmates, not yet registered if we had a mailing address at the time. Those classmates below with a (1) had their mail returned as "no longer at this address"  - Please help us locate them - somewhere !   Many others either seemingly had valid emails or they  got the mailing but did not reply and they are NOT listed below

The remainder, we have no information whatsoever. They are truly missing - Please provide us whatever last information you may know of them so we can locate them. We have 50 more classmates Missing


Joanne Aldrich (1) (Graham)
Geraldine Bailey (Price)
Carol Baltz (Saylor)
Robert Barr
Thomas Bergen(1)
Diane Bonelli (Welker)
Lynette Boutilier (Walker)
Barbara Brennan
Patricia Bruno (Lee)
Eleanor Carroll
Shirley Chessman
Gwen Colsher
Lea D'Abruzzo (Cole)
Elaine Davis(1)
Elaine Deitch
Regina DeVito
Maryann DiMedio (Pennington)
Susan Frazier(1) (Carfley)
Larry Fry
Lee Goldstein
Marlen Gray
Pearl Green
Jeff Jon(1)
Richard Lowes(1)
Linda Markel (Molt)
Charles McFall
Jeanie Mills
Cathy Neas
Kathleen O'Grady (Hallman)
Robert Patrick (1)
Betty Phillips (Brown)
Karen Pollak
Eleanor Pulone
Ray Regan (1)
Bob Rogers
Steve Rosenberg
Robin Ryder
Ursala Schaum
Richard Silberman
(John) Kenny Smith
Kathleen Tajirian (Mastrocala)
Barry Wallgren
Barbara Warren

Guest Members

John Bartle
John D'Angelo
Frances Dean (Teacher)
Kathy Doering (Conrad)
Charlie Eilhardt
Karen Foery
David Heckman (Teacher)
Wayne Heim (Teacher)
Cheryl Hensil
Fred Herr
Walton Hill (Teacher)
Ewald Kalmbach (Teacher)
Martha Kearns
Don King
Bill Kozel
Alex Lewandowski
Betsy Nelson
Don Peirce
Bart Pettine
Verlan Phillips
Betty Ray Romane
Marlyn Shrut (Teacher)
Robert Sweet
Rudy Tecco (Teacher & Orchestra)
Sharon Teres
John Trainer (Teacher & Band)
Laura Ulmer (Teacher)