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Classmates - We hope everyone is relatively healthy, staying that way, and looking to get back to at least semi-normal in the near future. Your home state and your mileage may vary.

Believe it or not, most of us are turning 75 this year, and - as we did five years ago -- the Reunion Committee thought a "'63 turns 75" luncheon is in order.  

Of course, we can't project the COVID-19 future, for overall state availability but your Reunion Committee met (via ZOOM), and we'd like to try for sometime in October.  The later we can do this, the better the chances of it actually happening.  West Chester Golf & Country Club, where we had our "'63 turns 70" luncheon, worked out well, and we can do it there again!  As of yesterday, the club eased restrictions on golf, and will be having outdoor lunches with social distancing in a week. As most of us are retired, we don't need to insist on a weekend, although Saturday might be preferable.  We expect the cost to be in the $25 range.  AND WE JUST GOT DATES AVAILABLE - see below (assuming COVID conditions don't degrade)

Please answer the following questions as shown in the survey below and results will be posted:

      1.  Are you interested in joining us?  1, 2  or more persons?

      2.  Looking at the week  FOLLOWING Columbus day which is October 12th...                                           as of today, there are 4 days available..                                                                                                            Let us know your choices - assuming you answered YES above.

      3.  Are you interested in 9 holes of golf, weather permitting, before or after the luncheon?

We will keep website updated as to progress

Lastly, the HHS class of 1965 class recently hosted a fun Zoom conference with several dozen classmates on it.  Let's try it for HHS63.  A good opportunity to see each other, say hi, catch up, etc.... and no flying or driving required! 

Dick Rubinstein  invited you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.  Few attended, but others meant to ... stay tuned.

Topic: HHS63 Dick Rubinstein's Zoom Meeting  - an iPad or computer will work better than a phone
Time WAS : Monday Jun 15, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)




Best regards,


Your HHS63 Reunion Committee

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1)   * Can you join us for a lunch celebrating Class of 63 turns 75

Yes No
This is not a commitment, but getting relative interest
2)   ONLY, If you believe you can come would it be one or two persons (or more)

If you can't come, no need to answer.
3)   Please tell us your preferred day/date ONLY if you expect to attend.

  Wednesday 10/14/2020
  Sunday 10/18/2020
  Tuesday 10/20/2020

This is not a commitment to attend by you - and dates may change
4)   Will the other 3 dates work? Or will any NOT work for you?

For Example: can't do sunday - all other dates OK
5)   Weather permitting, are you interested in 9 holes of golf before or after lunch?

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6)   Please add any other questions or comments for Committee.